Doing Camp NaNoWriMo

So for the month of April I am doing camp NaNoWriMo and it’s where you are trying to write a novel and people put goals on what they have to do and for my goal it’s to do 30,000 words. I am really excited to be doing this and I am doing it with a co-worker from work and so far being the 8th of April. I have 8,000 words and I couldn’t be more excited with the process of doing it.

My story is a young adult novel which has vampires and supernatural creatures and I couldn’t be excited with how the writing is going and the story I am trying to do and at the same time I’ve always wanted to be a writer and have started writing a book before but I have been nervous to tell anyone this. I have told some people but that book I have a writers block and so this activity I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo and actually making progress with this story even though I have the prologue and first chapter done but I am currently working on the second chapter.

My story is just a teenager who is trying to fit in with her family but has a hard time doing so because they are part of the supernatural while she is not she is actually human and has a hard time fitting with her family. I have taken the names of people who are in my real life and put them in the story and they are not exactly the same person in the story but I have fun putting new personality in the people I do know.

I am so excited for this experience and I am having such a fun time writing a novel and maybe one day I’ll continue to writing this and doing it in July, April and November where I have to write 50,000 words. I do not know how much this story would be but I can’t wait to continue writing and expanding this world because before this started I wrote the prequel that happens before the story.

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What Does Reading Mean To Me

I’ve been reading books ever since I was a little girl and I’ve loved it ever since then and it hasn’t stopped. I’ve had slumps where I haven’t read in years because I didn’t feel like reading at all and in the past almost year I’ve gotten back into reading and I’ve fallen in love again.

Reading helps me escape from whatever is happening in reality if I haven’t had such a great day at work or I just don’t want to be in the world and leave it all behind they way I do it is through reading. The stories that I have gotten to this past year helps me do just that. I found series that I’ve fell in love with that I even talk to characters that don’t even exist because I get sucked into the world.

My Grandfather and even my parents they are the ones that got me into reading and since then I have been a reader and I actually am just getting out of a reading slump that I’ve been in for a year that I’ve started reading again last April and I’m finally out of it. Yes I do read a certain genre and that is Young Adult but I do read some Adult a friend of mine actually getting me to read some Adult Fantasy because most of the book.

This past year has been my best reading year so far and I’ve loved every moment of it and that’s why I took the chance of making my reading goal for 2019 155 books and so far I’ve read 30 books and it’s only March and let me tell you that it means a lot to me that I’ve read those books. Which is why I decided to create a YouTube page and why I started this blog because I wanted to let people know about what I’ve been reading because it means so much to me. In all honesty I never thought about starting a blog until recently which is why I started this blog in September after going to see Kerri Mansicalo the Stalking Jack the Ripper Author and it gave me the courage to start the blog and do what I’ve been doing every Friday since then.

I’m happy to be a reader that even if I am at work that if its before my shift or I’m on break that I am willing to pick up a book and read. The stories always make me happy and it’s why I get into these authors. I’ve started doing read a thons where I try to read for a full twenty four hours and most of the time I end up falling a sleep and not staying up the full twenty four hours but maybe just maybe to mark my full one year anniversary of reading I will stay up for twenty four hours who knows.

Until Next Time Happy Reading


April TBR

So I am kind of being adventurous with my TBR for the month of April because I plan to read twelve books. Yup you read that correctly I plan to read twelve books and that happens to be the most books I have ever read before. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read all of them but I plan to give it a shot and well that’s why I have twelve books on the TBR.

April is also my anniversary on reading because it’s been a full year since I have started reading again.

  1. Wise mans fear by Patrick Rothfuss- Happens to be my longest book on the TBR this year.
  2. Return of the King- J.R.R. Tolkein- The third book in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which happens to be the classic I am reading for the month of April
  3. Legendary- Stephanie Garber- book 2 in the Caraval series I read the first book in one day so I want to catch up before the final book comes out.
  4. Crooked Kingdom- Legiha Bardugo this happens to be book 2 from the Six of Crows and I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I’ve read Six of Crows for Febuary
  5. Truly Devious- Maureen Johnson- This happens to be the Book With Friends book pick for the month of April. I am very excited to read this book because I’ve heard so much about this book and series
  6. Three Dark Crowns- Kendra Blake- This is another series that I’ve heard so much about from other people and it was recommend to me.
  7. Tower of Dawn- Sarah J Maas- This is one of the two books by Sarah J Maas I have for April. I’ve been reading the Throne of Glass series these past couple of months and I’m finally heading towards the end and I am not ready for this series to end but I am excited to see what happens with how Empire of Storms ended.
  8. Restore Me- Tahereh, Mafi– This happens to be the fourth book in the Shatter Me, and I’ve again started reading the series this past year and I am excited they are continuing the series.
  9. Tales from the Shadow Hunter Academy- Cassandra Clare- We get to see that this is a Novella with Simon Lewis with everything that happened after City of Heavenly Fire. I’m excited to read more of the Novellas because this continues the world I love so much.
  10. A Court of Mist and Fury- Sarah J Maas- This happens to be the second Sarah J Maas book and I read the first one the month before and it was a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast so I am excited to read this book.
  11. Muse of Nightmares- Lani Taylor- So I read Strange the Dreamer in February and I couldn’t put the book down and then I realize there happens to be a second book in the Duology and I realized I have to read this book and find out what happens because of how Strange the Dreamer ended.
  12. Seige and Storm- Leigh Bardugo- Which is my second Leigh Bardugo book on the list for the month of April. I read the Six of Crows in February and I couldn’t really understand the book as well as I could if I read the Grishaverse before so in the month of March I read the first book Shadow and Bone and the story sucked me right in.

So for the month of April I plan to read twelve books which is one of the bigger things I haven’t done before. On top of that I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo which I haven’t done before hand. So in the month of April I’m trying to write a book that is 30,000 people which I have never done before.

Until Next Time,

Wish me luck in my reading month.

Katie Faughnan

Why did I choose to create a youtube?

So just recently I started up a youtube page called Katiebookcorner where I post videos of reviews and wrap up’s and TBR and even spoiled vlogs of really great series that I am planning read.

The Youtube is there so I could reach more people that I could not do with the blog or even on Instagram and Twitter. I have no idea if I’ll take off and be like other Booktubers but all together I want to make a difference and let people know the books that I read and my thoughts on popular series that some people might not like. I’ve been wanting to record and talk about my reading because I love reading and seeing what the people think of books.

I’ve always been a reader and when I was growing up we didn’t have youtube and well I didn’t know about bullet Journals. As I’ve grown up I now have a blog, instagram, twitter, facebook page and now a YouTube page. So far I have one subscriber and it happens to be my personal YouTube page but I have a few people who viewed my videos which gives me ease that at least some people have seem them.

I don’t plan to do this for a living this is something that gives me something to do on off days and it’s something maybe gets me out of my comfort zone because for the longest time ever I’ve been shy and afraid of being in front of the camera and so this helps me. So far YouTube has been something to help me cure boredom when I am not at work or constantly not reading. Do I plan to continue with Youtube even if I tank yes because this is something that I want to do and its in my passion with Communication.

I’ve started doing reading Vlogs where every weekend I record myself and what I do with reading. So far I’ve done two and I find it really good to show what I am reading for the week and what I do during the week besides making coffee and constantly reading books. I have to get better at recording myself with reading like other people do but at the same time I am new at this and I’m taking my time at doing these vlogs.

So Until Next Time Happy Reading.


Empire of Storms Review

Holy crap Sarah J Maas has done it again. So as I hopefully mentioned it earlier that I’ve started reading the Throne of Glass series this past year and I’ve finally reached book five which is Empire of Storms and let me tell you something this book hit me in all of the feels I have decided if I was going to do a book review I will start it at a certain point. I’m currently on page 313 and I am loving the story and I am flying through this.

Aelin I still find is my favorite bad ass person ever and so far In this book she is doing it and I am loving every moment of it. Again I am loving how we see her relationship changes with every person we meet and in all honesty seeing her go through both part of her life before she became a queen and was still assassin and seeing her see Rolfe again was funny.

The reintroduction of Rolfe was fun to see because I have read the assassins blade which is the Novella before the Throne of Glass which is the first book in the series and I have to say to see him again after all this time was great. Also the way he interacted with Aelin before he found out that she was the queen was fun. I am loving how we see that Manon the wing leader of the witches had finally decided she had enough of everything going on and hated how she couldn’t do what she wanted and so she has switched sides which I was hoping to happen soon and see her interact with Dorian again.

Update it’s been about thirty minutes and well I’ve read another hundred pages and now I am on page 417 and trust me when I say that I have only 272 pages left in this book and I haven’t wanted to put it down but I have other books that I am trying to read but in all honesty this book is one of the tops that I am really loving and how the story is progressing and I am excited to see what happens in the last 272 pages but for know I have to say I am loving it and again Aelin is a badass queen.

Holy Shit the last 165 pages of this book has had me on the edge of my seat because of what was happening with the characters and everything and in all honesty I had no idea how this book was going to end and with how the book ended. Aelin finally found out why Elena choose her for this path and she hated it and she wished that she was honest with her from the beginning. My heart broke for Lorcean because he wanted to be with Elide and has feelings for her but at the same time we see that he had the blood oath with evil Meave who I hate by the way.

The book ends with Meave taking Aelin not knowing that she doesn’t have the keys that she needs. Manon does so they have all decided to go their separate ways and beeng able to save the world while Rowan is going to go after his WIFE.

Shocker Rowan and Aelin got married in secret and they have mated for life which I didn’t think was going to happen but I’m so happy that it happened with everything but how the book ended it sucked. This book gave me all of the feels and I am like I need to read the next book know which is why I’m reading it next month because I am not ready for the series to end.

All together I gave this book five stars out of five stars if I could give more stars I would but at the same time I wouldn’t change it to save the world. This book made me fall even more in love with this series and I am hoping that it doesn’t end even though I know it does.

Until next time.


Shadow and Bone Review

Holy Crap this book was awesome.

I’ve read another book by Leigh Bardugo called Six of Crows and when I found that she wrote another series I was excited because I liked her other book and I wanted to give this one a shot because when I read six of crows I had no idea how the magic system worked and know this book explained everything.

So this book gave me all of the feels of what six of crows did and I couldn’t be more excited and I have to say the characters are all well done since this book was the first one I read and I understand all of it. Ajay is one of my favorite characters because you see the struggle that she went to once she found out she was a sun summoner and the love she had for her best friend but once she finds this power she Is taken away from him and forced to learn this power that she didn’t know.

The Darkling is the head Grisha and want Ajay to help him save the world not knowing that he wants to use her for a different reason and she had started falling in love with him not realizing that he is not a nice man and wanted to use her to kill a lot of people.

Shadow and Bone is such a great story to start off with and I love reading it and all together after I hit the 100 page mark I was able to keep up a great pace with the story because it starts off slow and gives you a lot of back story which I loved. I am excited to see what happens in the next book and being able to continue with this story and what other people have to say.

All together this book gave me all the feels and made me want to continue the series right away even though I have the next book for next month but all together I love shadow and bone and I’m really getting into this world and I was happy to find the other and the books. 

 On Good Reads I gave it five stars if they let me give out more stars I would have but I loved the story and I totally recommend it to all of my friends and hope they would enjoy the story. 

Until Next Time


I started a vlog

So besides having an awesome blog I’ve decided to start a YouTube page and record vlogs which will go into my YouTube channel.

I follow a lot of booktubers and in all honesty I wanted to give it a shot. I don’t plan to always do YouTube but it’s another platform for my reading and reviews. I don’t even have that much on there except two vlogs and my March TBR. Will I do both my blog and YouTube yes.

I love having a platform to get people to see that reading can be cool and it could bring you on journeys that you didn’t think you would see before. That’s why I started a vlog and it brings me out of my comfort zone. I’ve always felt shy in front of the camera but maybe know I don’t have to be.

But my YouTube channel will be about reading and what I’ve been doing for it and so far It’s been okay but I’ll grow and learn and that’s something you do with time.

Reading update: I’ve started my March TBR and it’s another ten books but I’m excited to read these books and be brought to another journey across the universe.

Until next time